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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Labor-Saving (?) Devices

I finished the mystery double weave. It was a pick up tapestry in honor of a friend who is retiring. I got word yesterday that the people who commissioned me to weave the tapestry gave it to the honoree a few days ago, and she really liked it. I’m thrilled.

I also just finished winding my next warp. It’s v-e-r-y long — 11 yards. It’s also all one color, so I decided to try something new – a warping paddle.


A warping paddle allows one to wind multiple threads at the same time. Since my warp was 618 threads wide, it seemed like using a labor-saving device was a good idea.

Yeah, right.

I did get the warp wound, and it did probably take less time than it would have if I’d wound it one or two threads at a time. Still, what with the tangles, and trying to keep the cross straight, it was not the easiest exercise I’ve ever done. In fact, I didn’t keep the cross straight, which I’ll pay for eventually. I know.

However, enough worrying. I’m looking forward to the actual weaving. I’m making ten towels, all in diaper twill. I’m not sure how diaper twill got its name, or whether it has anything to do with diapers. Diaper twill refers to a twill pattern with contrasting blocks.


I’m doing mine with blue and white. Pics will be posted once the weaving begins.