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The 99 Percent

Sometimes craft work is just plain dull. At least that’s the way I’m feeling today. I’m working on three projects right now: one weaving, one spinning and one knitting.

For knitting, I’m making a sweater. Progress is good. The body is done and I’m well into the sleeves. Problem is, by the time I get to the sleeves, the pattern is old hat, and it’s just a matter of churning out stitch after stitch after stitch. And I can’t find the buttons I bought. Mutter grumble.

For weaving, I’m setting up a warp in preparation for a pick up double weave. Part of the pain is that this is my second attempt. My first attempt involved linen and the classic set-up for pick up double weave. Problem is, the classic set-up for pick up double weave doesn’t work on a countermarche loom. (Take my word for it. Looms are hard to explain.) One color of the linen kept breaking as well. One can do pick up on a countermarche, but it involves rougher handling than linen will take. So it was back to the drawing board. I’m now using mercerized cotton, which I’ve woven with before, and which will be lovely and handle the stress. The warp had to be rewound and the loom rebeamed. Now I’m threading heddles. Since it’s double weave, with two separate sides of fabric, there are twice as many threads as usual. So it’s one thread at a time. One thread at a time. One thread at a time.

Then there’s the spinning. Part of the homework for my spinning program is to spin 10 yard samples at a specific amount of twist per inch.  Fine yarns need more twist; bulky yarns less. I think I’ve got it right, but then I check, and it’s off. I spin another sample, think it’s right, but it’s off. Slowly I’m chipping away at the samples needed, but the operative word is “slow.”

Edison was right. It’s 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.

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